Patriots Capitalize On Controversies And Distractions

The Patriots are heading to there eighth SuperBowl under head coach Bill Belichick. This was at the hands of the Tennessee Titans. For New England, it will be their seventh straight title game with Brady as their quarterback. This is the result of a recent controversy involving ESPN and head coach Bill Belichick.

  Emphasis on Perfection;                                                                                                                    Since the arrival of, Bill Belichick eighteen years ago the emphasis has always been perfection. Belichick demands perfection from his players and coaches.  Fans may think that Brady and Gronkowski are the two _star players but in Belichick’s mind, everyone is equal.  In New England, there is a saying Do Your Job. This means that every player understands his role and doesn’t do too much. New England fans can attest to this motto and have seen good players get released or traded in the past. Recent examples are Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones.                                                                     ;

Stress Value;

  The Patriots as an organization believe in getting value. Over the years Patriot fans have witnessed Belichick trading his number one pick. This maneuvering results in extra mid_ round picks. This enables Belichick to not only add depth this year but start planning for future drafts.                 Currently, the Patriots have at least five starters on the roster that Belichick had never drafted.The most notable free agent was Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler. Tom Brady himself was a late seventh rounder eighteen years ago. This is what separates Belichick, from the rest of the coaches in the NFL

The Future;

   No one person can predict their future, but one thing is certain in New England Tom Brady will be the quarterback for the next four years. This comes after a recent controversy involving Brady and the Patriots. The long controversy whether to keep backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, or trade him came to an end. Garoppolo was traded to San Francisco which sent a clear message that Brady wasn’t going anywhere.

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