Bruins Need To Add Some Pieces To the 2023 Roster

The Boston Bruins are enjoying one of their most successful seasons in years. It’s time for the Bruins to add some pieces to the 2023 roster. With a comfortable lead in the Atlantic Division, the Bruins are 35-5-4. They are second in the NHL on the Penalty kill and second on the power play Plus, an amazing 92 goals against the league’s best. In this post, we will examine the Bruin’s needs heading into the second half.

Add A Physical Defenseman

With the season half over the team needs to add a physical defenseman. In two of the Bruin’s losses to the Kraken and Knights dominated, the Bruins. Adding a defenseman will take the pressure off the offense and add depth in case of injury.

One name mentioned is Vancouver’s, Bo Horvat. Horvat is having a monster season as one of the league’s top scorers. Two players I like are Arizona’s Josh Brown and Jakub ChyChrun. Chychrun will be costly. Josh Brown, is 6’5″ and a massive 225 pounds. He would be an imposing presence.

Add Organizational Depth

Injury- wise, the Bruins have been fortunate. Charlie McAvoy missed several games due to shoulder surgery. Brad Marchand missed several months Adding organizational depth veteran player, or two will make the difference come to the playoffs.

Arizona is struggling with 14 wins and 33 points in the Western Division. If the right deal can not be achieved, the club can fall back on organizational depth. In Providence, the Bruins have defenseman Mike Reilly and Jakob Zboril on defense. Young Oscar Steen has been up and down this season. s for the goaltending if Ullmark or Swayman gets injured Keith Kincaid is a reliable backup.

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is the key to going deep in the postseason. So far, the Bruins have been healthy enough to stay on their torrid pace. Personally, the organization needs to add a defenseman. Giving up a number – one pick is risky.


With, the season half over, the Bruins have a way to go. So far, they haven’t experienced a long losing streak. Head coach Jim Montgomery has done a remarkable job with both the veterans and young players. It’s been twelve years since the Bruins won the cup.

Celtics Need To Reclaim Their Identity

The Celtics need to reclaim their identity. In the last sixteen games, they are 8-8. Poor passing is creating turnovers. With the All-Star game around the corner, the team needs to regroup and focus on defense. In this post, we will evaluate three categories the club needs to focus on.

Focus On Defense

The Celtics have failed miserably on defense. In their latest loss to the Thunder, they gave up a franchise= high 150 points. It was 1979 when the Celtics suffered such a humiliating defeat.

With the second half approaching, the organization has to toughen up. Losing close games, the Celtics will slip further and further in the standings. With the Nets red hot, it’s time to play smart.

Solid Coaching

First-year head coach Joe Mazzulla is learning fast. Being a top seed, the team needs solid coaching. Managing Jayson Tatum’s minutes along with Jaylen Brown is crucial.

Getting balanced scoring is essential not only in winning but in preventing injury. The Celtics have one of the deepest benches in the league. Depth was the key to the early season success.

Contributions from Peyton Pritchard, Blake Griffin, and Sam Hauser need to continue. If the Nets continue their torrid winning streak, the organization will need help from the whole bench.

Strong Communication Amongst Each Other

History has shown that the Celtics win through teamwork. Communicating with each other is important down the stretch. Although it’s still early, the team is making costly turnovers. Sloppy passing has been too obvious this season. Closing out games is the difference between success and losing.


If the Celtics learned anything from the finals, playing tough defense is one example of winning. The club needs to work together and improve on its decision -making. They are still making the same mistakes as they did last spring in the finals against Golden State.